Logistics and what it means to us

Globalization and integration processes in the field of market relations more often require new and modern approaches to organization of structured partner cooperation. STIEPF JSC was founded in 2000 exactly for such communication. Logistics is a reasonable integration and distribution of the flow of goods and information. Activity of STIEPF JSC logisticsdepartment   aims at establishing contacts and further long-term co-operation development with organizations from republics of the former Soviet Union and the EU and the following support of the two-way communication between the parties, including documentary maintenance, transport information, product making terms, exact time for scheduled deliveries and delivery arrangement. STIEPF JSC logistics department deals with logistics and maintenance supply. STIEPF JSC export services are divided into 2 components. exportfoto2On the one hand, since the company has equal work experience in the EU as well as in Eastern Europe, we are happy to offer our German customers full assistance in search of markets for their product on the territories of the former USSR republics. On the other hand, STIEPF JSC supports  the enterprises of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and other countries, which don’t have possibility to carry out foreign economic activities, in purchasing of the necessary equipment and components produced by any EU country. With our assistance certain western companies surprisingly for themselves open infinite possibilities of the East European market. STIEPF JSC Company has been operating in this services market for a long period, over which direct contacts with producers have been established and considerable delivery volumes have been reached. As a result the company has gained a price advantage over other organizations.