In the world of modern technologies it’s very important not to be left behind. Modern business world requires easy, effective and economical ways of executing communication. A wide range of possibilities in the field of telephony nowadays allows to realize communications by means of both analog and digital telephone network.  The ability to notice and apply new technology or engineering solution in time is not just a desire to keep up with the latest developments but, for the main part, it is a way to find better solutions to tasks and a possibility to reduce expenses. IP telephony is one of such technologies. Nowadays VoIP (Voice over IP) technology is acknowledged around the world as the most progressive method of transferring voice information. VoIP uses separate digital channels to transfer data. These channels have necessary traffic-handling capacity and are used for voice traffic only, which provides high-quality voice connection. From user’s point of view IP-telephony provides the same functions as traditional telephone communication – chat or fax transfer between the users of city or private automatic branch exchange in real time. However, digital technologies and channels allow the users to reduce the cost of intercity and international calls.

Advantages of using VoIP solutions:

  • cost reduction

The cost of VoIP calls depends only on the volume of transmitted Internet-traffic and additional dues that are specified by a local operator, and not on the distance.

  • flexible and comfortable billing (payment for connection) as all possible payment systems can be integrated in the end software solution
  • multichannel telephone numbers with any quantity of lines
  • uninterruptible connection provided by multiple channel reservation and twenty-four-hour net monitoring

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