Every current software product development project is always coordinated by its direct chief– a professional employee of SEB (Regensburg, Germany) or STIEPF JSC. The latter is the initial and main contact for Customer’s representatives from the EU organizations and enterprises. Based in Germany, the company holds all the necessary negotiations and correspondence. serv2Besides it is responsible for eliminating problems during the project realization and connecting working moments between the final customer and programmers, which guarantees bringing about the successful completion of the software product to the full required level. Due to this approach any communication problems are eliminated, the control process is facilitated and the level of control process is raised. Our specialists and programmers create the necessary software by separate executing stages and with timely two-way communication, systematic control and coordination of work progress, STIEPF JSC, in the end, guarantees full compliance of the product quality with the customer’s requirements. The customer entrusts and STIEPF JSC fulfils.The software productis created according to developed and proved SEB GmbH principles, which are based on prototype theories and extreme programming (XP).