Together with our partner SEB Systemhause GmbH which is a specialist in time attendance system and access control, we manage the projects of video surveillance, access control and time attendance systems.  

 In modern society, where progress rate and cooperation of global markets play a decisive role, security requirements for manufacturing territories, public buildings, and financial institutions are raised considerably. STIEPF JSC / Security department was founded on the base of SEB GmbH and STIEPF Logistik JSC collaboration and fully adopted a range of security-related tasks. This department is a skilled partner in development of security solutions in highly sensitive spheres, including security of energy enterprises, of production equipment for classified documents, of government buildings and other objects. STIEPF JSC / Security department has a team of highly skilled specialists in the field of security. It consists of network design and administration, access control and video surveillance specialists as well as experts in security and fire alarm systems.

In order to provide the highest level of security STIEPF Security department uses a variety of software functionality, such as dual access procedure, anti-pass-back modes, and biometric interface and replication servers.

The other tasks of the department are the following:

-Consulting for security project, EMV, taking into account the area features

-Project management

-Tender processing

-Customizing and Integration of security systems

-Enrollment systems for e-passport, National ID-cards and any kind of card applications

-Access Control systems for standard and high security requirements

-Installation of video surveillance systems and alarm system

-Time attendance  with integrated access control system

-Biometric identification methods: fingerprint, face recognition, iris scan

-Control desks for safety engineering

-Interface for building control system

-Interface for existing control desks

STIEPF JSC analyzes the concrete project, and based on the results of the performed analysis, develops a certain system in order to find a more cost-effective solution and realizes it with the assistance of international project team. After the successful project commissioning specialists of our service center will continue to provide further assistance to you.


Together with STIEPF JSC  to the safe future!




download the broschure STIEPF Security (ENG)